Outliers | April 25, 2022

Where extraordinary minds come together

At TheCUBE we have come across some of the most radical minds, who embody the most outlier spirit. We know there are more outside our ecosystem. Singular and visionary minds. At TheCUBE we believe the time has come to bring them together.

We are looking for people who are non-conformist, dreamers and who rarely give up. We are not based on success, but on people's attitudes and qualities.

This is how TheCUBE Outliers was born, a community formed by the most extraordinary minds in Spain to connect, inspire, have fun and above all generate impact through collaboration.


We have people whose profiles are very varied as they come from large companies, the world of gastronomy, sports, startups and more. But in spite of everything they share a common quality that makes them special, since they have no problem getting out of their comfort zone, and I don't know if they do it consciously or not, but that's where the most brutal things happen. AND THIS IS WHAT OUTLIERS IS ALL ABOUT.


Last October the inaugural event was held, for this we needed a unique place, away from the conventional work environment that would allow the Outliers to be in a favorable environment to let their minds fly and encourage their creativity and motivation. We could not think of a better place than our Hub TheCUBE Zahara, located in Atlanterra, Cadiz. And the truth is that we were right. All attendees agreed that the place gave the event a special vibe.

Throughout the day, different activities and dynamics were carried out to encourage connections and joint work between the Outliers so that together they could shape new technological approaches, seek solutions to global problems, explore new opportunities in emerging markets, and ultimately raise any kind of challenging hypothesis to elevate their minds together with different perspectives.

Of course, it wasn't all about the brain, we also took a walk around Cabo de Gracia where we were able to appreciate the wonderful views of the Strait of Gibraltar and enjoy the breeze. The Outliers had the opportunity to communicate with their future selves through a time capsule where they introduced their most challenging desires and wishes.


TheCUBE OUTLIERS is already a reality and in 2022 we will continue to grow and encourage connections between our Outliers, in the most radical ways, to become the community of outliers reference in the national scene.

Stay tuned!


Innovation Project Manager

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