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As Michael Bublé said, and probably many others before him: “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. That's why, at The CUBE, we think it's the best time to look back at our 2022: We expanded the team, organized top events, and of course, we keep looking for new ways to do things differently.

As these 365 days have been long and we don't want you to miss anything, we are going to recap our year in parts so that you have time to read it before 2023. Oriana Cova, part of the Inspiring Spaces team, tells you how more than 10000 people visited our spaces.

The year of the V Anniversary

If I have to choose one event this year, I would definitely choose the V Anniversary. Not only because we turned 5 years old and it was a nice excuse to reunite the whole team and clients and celebrate a very important moment for TheCUBE, but also because of the organizational part of the event that I was in charge of. Several months of meetings, preparations, contacts with suppliers, and working hand by hand with different teams: design, innovation, and communication. A whole work that was reflected in an unforgettable night.

Alberto Rodríguez, one of the first TheCUBERs and also our president, remembered that day his first sight of the building and, if my memory serves me correctly, his first thought after seeing it was: "It's huge". A huge building, with five floors and 5000m2 that at that time was quite empty (although with lots of light). Ironic because after a while it seems to us it is becoming too small.


Only this year we have managed to successfully host more than 130 events for more than 100 clients from different sectors: technology, insurance, mobility, pharma, consumer goods sector, and renewable energies, among others. In addition to hosting meetings focused on hackathons, networking or team building, our spaces have become the real stage for approximately four film shoots this year.

Although our experience covers online, hybrid, and face-to-face events, it is undeniable that in these latter events the connection between people is unique. Fortunately, face-to-face events are back on trend after almost three years of COVID's barriers and limitations. From the events team, we are very pleased to return to normality and to create unique experiences between the client, the participants of the meeting, and us.

As we see it at TheCUBE, events are a wonderful way to show your company's values to the public. And one of those values is sustainability in different business models.

This has been transferred to the organization of events, where, on the majority of occasions, our clients specify a zero plastics, reusable and recyclable service.

In the last edition of Innomakers4Health, together with the client, we created a sustainable experience taking into account even the smallest detail. While the winners' trophy was made from plant fibers and 3D printed, the badge was made from organic materials on plantable paper in order to continue creating life on the planet

Practice makes perfect

The sustainability and technology trends that are now being applied to events are something we have been offering for a long time. These two factors are linked to everything we do and events are no stranger to this. For us they are not a trend, they are a must.

The technology and virtual reality factor that has become so popular has been applied in our latest client meetings. A guided meditation or competitions in space through virtual reality glasses, different experiences that leave the public wanting to discover more about this world and that of the Metaverse.

As you probably know, at TheCUBE we are extremely focused on radical innovation through technology and creativity, so we are always looking for new ways to create and improve our events. And although we've realized that, as I said before, the HUB seems to be getting too small for us, we've added and adapted new spaces. While my colleague Belén highlighted the importance of the WOW effect we leave on our attendees thanks to TheDOJO, TheGARAGE is not far behind.

This month we literally adapted a car park to improve our clients' experience. While at Talent Highway, we set it up as an exclusive Mercedes-Benz showroom, which also functioned as a Scalextric racing room; at Innomakers4Health we transformed it into a total relaxation area where participants could relax, breathe and recharge their batteries.

In both cases, a success for us and our clients with whom we collaborate. Jorge León, Manager Business Management & CoC Big Data Analytics Solutions en Daimler Group Services Madrid, emphasized that “the biggest surprise is how you (TheCUBE) set up the garage. It was spectacular and I think all the participants had the opportunity, not only to work hard but also to relax, enjoy and get to know what it’s like to work in Mercedes.” And that's important for us to keep growing and improving with every project.

And we hope to keep it that way for 2023, leading trends and creating unique events thanks to all of you, both those who repeat, we already have you in mind, and those who are thinking of holding one… At theCUBE we make it easy for you.


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