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The WOW effect: how to organize an event

Si te decimos que los eventos son muy importantes para las marcas no te estamos descubriendo nada nuevo, seguro que has acudido a más de uno, pero te podemos contar algunos de nuestros secretos a ver si te ayudan.

You may even have been present at some of the ones we have celebrated here at TheCUBE.

We are a company dedicated to innovation, that’s obvious at this point, and it is present in everything we do. But here, we will show how we apply innovation to events. Let's share our secrets.

How does the process begin?

First and foremost is to discuss with the client their needs, topics such as the goal they want to achieve, the profile and the number of attendees. Everything that defines the nature of the event.

Here at TheCUBE we do all kinds of events, so nothing can surprise us or that we're not prepared for. We have done congresses, product launches, film shoots for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. We're sure you've seen us in some of your favorite shows.

We do more than 200 events a year, so we have experience in this field.

En esta primera conversación con el cliente hay que determinar todas las necesidades y servicios que va a necesitar. Servicio de transporte, catering, medios audiovisuales, speakers, mobiliario… lo que necesiten hay que conseguirlo, así que hay que contar con un equipo todoterreno y que se adapte a las necesidades de cada cliente.

Understanding the goal

There is not much to discuss here. The client will have his own goal for the event and your role is to help him to achieve it, but your goal can only be one: To make your customer happy. This way, he will continue counting on you for future events and tell others about the good experience you offered him. Marketing and advertising have come a long way, but word of mouth is still something to remember.

If you already have a clear idea of what your goal should be, let’s move on to more concrete and eye-catching things.

Don't forget the WOW effect

Do you know about the WOW effect? The name is already quite revealing. It is the ability to create an experience that causes surprise in the audience or customers and leaves them with their mouths open.

Here, an important secret comes into play. Apart from the dynamics of the event, the speakers or the activities that are part of the event, there is one fundamental factor. The space where the event takes place.

Nosotros dentro de los muchos espacios, nada más y nada menos que 6 solo en el edificio de Madrid, que tenemos para llevar a cabo eventos tenemos un factor sorpresa. Nuestra carta ganadora es TheDOJO, un auditorio con la última tecnología y una pantalla digna de cualquier sala de cine en Hollywood. Es nuestra manera de asegurarnos el efecto WOW de las 150 personas que caben dentro. Este es nuestro espacio más característico y el más adaptable de todos.

And just to show you that it's true, we leave you a picture right here.

Pero como te dijimos, TheDOJO es el más famoso pero no el único. TheLOUNGE es el espacio anexo para disfrutar de un buen catering o conectar con los asistentes.

And then we have ThePITCH perfect for workshops, streaming or big team meetings.

Variety is the spice of life. You need to have spaces that can be adapted to any type of event.

Innovation in events

Remaining physical is no longer enough, we must evolve, innovate... We must be ready for the present and for the future that awaits us. This is a lesson learned during the pandemic. Sometimes it is not possible to meet physically, and for that there are virtual events and streaming.

Remember our blog about the metaverse? At TheCUBE we don't talk for the sake of talking, so we are revealing another secret: We have a Virtual Hub where we can offer hybrid experiences, fully digital or in the metaverse. If we can do it physically, we can also do it virtually.

And we will not end this blog without giving you another valuable piece of advice: Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Often there are supplier issues, capacity changes, or customer requests that come up at the last minute, and you need a team that can stay calm and always find a solution.

I am sure you have heard the phrase "the customer is always right." Whether it's true or not, the fact is that you need to act as if it was true, and for that you need a professional team with social skills and patience.

¿Listos para el próximo evento? Siempre queda una última solución, contacta con nosotros y nos encargamos encantados. Efecto WOW garantizado.


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