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Data Driven Companies:
When data is the new raw material

The new economy is lead by new companies like Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Alibaba, Amazon or Google. Companies that set up their services with data, it is necessary to know how they think, what they prioritize and how they prepare to lead the future of the digital economy.

Always in Beta:
How to execute in a real economy

Execution and speed are the new pillars of business success, the key being flexibility and the ability to adapt to an increasingly changing and accelerating technological, economic and social environment.

Company Structures
in a digital era

Everything is counter-intuitive: you have to turn the organizational chart upside down like a sock, double the failure rate, generate psychological safety environments, the new structures are open, porous and decentralized.

Digital mastery Framework: How to prepare your organization for the digital economy

Technology has evolved radically, society is digital, however organizations are not being effective in adapting to this new reality, it is essential to understand how to self-diagnose to adapt the organization, its models, processes and leadership style to this new digital reality

The 5 new sources
of competition

The world has changed, in the future we will compete in new fields such as the pace at which your organization learns, the speed of execution, simplicity or imagination and creativity.

Innovating in existing markets: How to nurture ideas that transform industries

Open innovation as the axis of transformation, radical innovation techniques, new business models, co-creation of startups, etc. Discover the new poles of talent attraction: innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems.

for dummies

If you’ve heard ‘blockchain’ but don’t know what it means, this talk is for you. Blockchain has broken out recently, but it promises to be one of the most transformative technologies in our lives and in business.

The age of

The world needs individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset to solve the new challenges of a hyperconnected society, a digital economy and new technologies present in all fields.

Welcome to:
the IoT era

We have entered a new era, the era of connected things, which is forming the largest industry ever invented by human beings. It is already among us, so we need to understand its anatomy, its characteristics, how it is changing business forever and how people will live in a connected environment.

Developing a
growth mindset

Thanks to modern psychology and neuroscience, we know that the way we face difficulties and understand the world increases the chances of achieving our goals. Growth Mindset is the most powerful tool we can activate for each person and team to improve their attitude, performance and results.

Artificial Intelligence
the new electricity

Conversations about Artificial Intelligence usually revolve around technological topics: Machine Learning, voice assistants or autonomous machines, which means a limited amount of the potential that Artificial Intelligence has for the evolution of the economy, society and science. The history of AI is much more than technology and is linked to human evolution.

Collaborative economy: Symbiosis between corporations and startups

The era of globalization and large multinationals has taken over the last century. In the new century, a growing number of emerging companies driven by innovation are outpacing these large corporations at an accelerated rate.

Robotics and
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 and robotics are leading us to a connected society that mixes real assets with digital assets. The innovations of the fourth industrial revolution together with the exploitation of data are the key to the transformation we are experiencing in cities and industry, a change without precedent in human history.



Hands on everyday

Speakers actively involved in the innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship ecosystem, launching and leading some of the most relevant startups of Spain.

Andrés Haddad


Alberto Rodríguez


Carlos Picazo

Co-Founder & CFO

Diego García


Fabiola Pérez