Is your organisation ready
to lead the transformation
in your industry?

Despite being chased by KPIs wherever we go, there’s an area that is not measured efficiently, or not measured at all: innovation.

The Radical Innovation Index (RII) is based on our own methodology, Dual Delta, that allows us to identify and target the key components of an organization, that define its innovation capacity. They are structured in four key pillars:

1. Cultura y valores

Is intrapreneurship and idea generation and execution being empowered?

4. Negocio y proyectos

Is there a solid structure for the development of innovation projects?

3. Estrategia y liderazgo

What is the commitment of the management team towards innovation?

2. Estructura y organización

Do teams have the necessary resources to innovate?



We collect the relevant data to measure the innovation capacity of your corporation.


We will evaluate and compare the findings with our database and similar companies.

Next steps

We define, together, a specific program to enhance value transactions within your organization.

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