Events | June 30, 2022

Public speaking without a nervous breakdown

Who said that second parts were never good? Here we are going to prove that it's a lie, and without having to use Terminator 2 as an example, which is better than the first one.

This blog can be understood as a second part of the previous one, in which we talked about our secrets to organizing a good event.Now we are going to talk about how to speak in public without collapsing because a good event needs a good speaker.

We're not going to tell you "don't get nervous" because that doesn't work. You can be nervous, it's normal, but the thing is that it doesn't show.

Let's get down to business:

You need a goal

Like everything in life, the important thing is to have a clear and defined goal, to know the reason why we do things. In this case, you must have a key idea: what you want to communicate and what gives meaning to the speech.

So you have to be clear about the idea you want to implant in the audience and build a story to achieve it. This would be famous storytelling.

The goal you have set yourself will help you to rely on those emotions that help to better convey what you want to say.

Meet your audience

Basic but important. You have to know who you are speaking for to adapt your speech to the way that your audience communicates. Without it, effective communication is impossible.

Speaking to a millennial is not the same as speaking to a lawyer. The tone and language are very different.

Know what you are going to talk about

Knowledge gives confidence.When you know what you are doing, there is less nervousness. If you are speaking in public, it should be because you have some knowledge about what you have to talk about, and the audience has to notice that. You have to internalize the message to express it correctly.

Here are some key concepts when it comes to both demonstrating knowledge of the subject and communicating effectively:

  • The economics of language: You have to give clear, straightforward messages. This is well understood with a quote from the movie Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind: "To talk constantly is not necessarily to communicate".
  • Clarity: Clear and forceful messages. You can tell you know something when you can make it understandable to everyone.
  • Rhythm: You have to maintain a dynamic rhythm to keep the audience's attention and interest and not become bored.

Lean on visuals

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Not always, but it helps a lot to highlight the most important ideas you want to share.

Make it pretty. Everything goes through the eyes first, but it is more important to be concise and just support. The important thing is what you say.

Leave no doubt

It is possible that your presentation will generate doubts in the non-expert audience, so save time in the end to resolve them. That's what it's all about, isn't it? That the audience understands what you are saying.

You may not have the answer they are asking for at the moment, but you have to commit to finding it.

It is also a good way to involve the audience and make the talk a little more "interactive". Show that you have the topic under control.

Have fun

If your talk bores you, you're not doing well. You have to enjoy it, that's something that rubs off on the audience. You have to express yourself with enthusiasm and show passion for what you do.

The final trick

Practice is the secret to everything. You can apply this to any activity in which you want to improve. Repeating a task will make it come more naturally and better each time.

There is something called the 10,000-hour rule that says that after practicing something for that long, you become an expert. Don't worry, with less you can also achieve it. Practicing in front of the mirror can always help.

At TheCUBE we have been in radical innovation for so long and we have given so many talks that it comes to us by itself. No matter how big or small the audience is, for us, it's a natural process where nerves are no longer an issue.

If your event is about innovation or technology, you can come to TheCUBE to have our spaces and our speakers.


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