what it means

Being a TheCUBE partner means being fully connected to the innovation community, the startup ecosystem, the academic environment and being involved with state-of-the-art technological development.

Connect with the startup ecosystem

  • Be present at TheCUBE on the wall of partners
  • Connect with TheCUBE’s Startups
  • Learn and connect with Startups and Entrepreneurs from the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
  • Get access to the Spanish Startup Association
  • Event Sponsorship


in startup mode

  • Meet and collaborate with other corporations
  • Exclusive invitation to our Tech Breakfast
  • Inspire your organization with our Tech Talks
  • Tech Bootcamps and Radical Innovation Workshops

work as an entrepreneur

  • Free days in meeting rooms
  • Discount in bookings
  • Be present at the Ecosystem

Rock your events

  • Rock your events at #TheDOJO
  • Network at #TheLounge
  • Get creative at #TheInstitute
  • Impress at #ThePitch
  • Get Ready at #TheHall

Upskill your people

in new tech

  • Scholarships at MIOTI
  • Seat at MIOTI academic council

Reset you mind in zahara hub

  • Nigths at TheCUBE Zahara Hub