Innovation | April 8, 2022

Let’s leave mars behind and secure the future on earth

Relax! This will not be another catastrophic blog about how we are all f..up!

At this point, I assume you've already watched all the trending documentaries on Netflix and read more than 10 posts on the same topic. So let's save ourselves some time and get straight to the point… WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO???

Oops.. the panic monster woke up.

The truth is that fear has always been a very powerful emotion and has been crucial in the survival of the human race. We could say that it is one of the motivations that make us innovate, and to make a long story short, we are now like crazy looking for life on other planets for fear of losing it on the one we live on.

Thanks panic monster… We're off to Mars!

The truth is that fear has always been a very powerful emotion and has been crucial in the survival of the human race.

And if you ask me, obviously I'd go to Mars in a second. But right now it would be horrible, first we would have to create favorable conditions. Mars supports radiations that are not assumable by humans. All the things we associate with life on Earth, all the behaviors we have created, at the moment, we simply can't do them when we think about living on Mars.

In this scenario, we at TheCUBE understood a long time ago that as we figure out how to go and really enjoy life on Mars, and if we want to leave something good for our children's children's children so that they can come to the Earth for tourism, the "least harmful" solutions will no longer be enough,

We need radical solutions to solve the biggest problems on earth, and to do it so, we need to leverage technology, startups and innovation as a vehicle towards sustainability. Actually, I think the key is to understand that from now on there will be no innovation without sustainability.

Then, as you work on that five-year sustainability plan, it's also time to think of quick and actionable ways your brand can respond to the needs of a world in crisis. We need to transition to regenerative solutions on earth by implementing carbon neutral and closed-loop systems with integrated food production, water treatment and waste management and if you think about it, this is exactly the same system that we will need in the future on Mars. Ta-da! No effort will be wasted!

And if this sounds unrealistic to you, please contact our scouting team and they will share with you some of the top-startups we have scouted with impactful solutions in sectors such as mobility, food, energy, health and many more, and how some of our corporate-partners are collaborating with them.

I hope killing the idea of escaping to Mars has activated your panic monster and your curiosity on sustainability and we hope to find you in our next posts, where we will share more about where we stand on sustainability and how we are going at it since a few years ago. 'Cause, you know while others dream about making an impact in the world, we're actually making it happen!

Yes, I have my dream job…

Michelle Linares
Chief Operations Officer

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