Events | November 17, 2022

Hackathons (Push It To The Limits)

There are many questions that do not have an easy answer, but one that we repeat a lot at TheCUBE is: Where is the limit of the human being?

But this question does not have a closed answer. It has been proven that human beings always want to go one step beyond their limits. And we say it is proven because we have seen it in every hackathon we have carried out.

As you know, here we focus on searching and collaborating beyond the obvious. So much so that, for us, it has become a mood and we want everyone to have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this world and enjoy the process of solving the biggest challenges.

That's why we like to put the most inquiring minds to test. Since we started, we have been aware of the opportunities that events like hackathons offer to generate innovation, both for the company and for the participants. But for us, the key is to be able to help companies define the challenge and the experience behind a hackathon.

A hackathon is an open innovation event, focused on finding solutions to challenges through the generation of ideas and the development of prototypes, in a short period of time. Solutions capable of improving the future through technological, creative, and disruptive proposals. Participants may come up with an idea in mind, or generate one on the spot., to be developed within 24 to 48 hours. Such a dynamic and demanding event, in which cooperation, collaboration, and commitment to the team is key not only to make the idea a success, but also to break the limits that a corporation may encounter when innovating.

our hub is meeting point of all types of talents

It is that short period of time, which is why the word takes the ending of marathon, that allows participants to prove that their knowledge and skills are greater than they may have first thought.

From our point of view, we can sum it up as: crazy (in a good way)The months of searching for information, preparation, calls or meetings with the team, end up being reflected in 2 days of event that, in the end, always leave us wanting more.

Thanks to our collaboration with different companies, in these years we have been able to carry out 8 hackathons, adapting to the objectives of each one and improving the proposals of these events in terms of identity and brand design, communication process, the experience of the participants and the organization of the spaces, physical, hybrid or online, through different platforms to be connected at all times.

At the end, what we seek with hackathons is to generate innovation, something that we do best. That's why our team works on defining the challenges that participants have to face, creating the activities and work methods, managing the tools they will use during the process, finding experts in different areas and everything necessary for the results to exceed expectations.

Our HUB has been a meeting point for talents in different sectors, TheDOJO has been the stage for the most innovative ideas, and our LABs han ofrecido a los equipos el espacio necesario para trabajar y seguir creciendo en sus proyectos apoyados por todo nuestro ecosistema

Thanks to being founding members of the Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we are able to connect the knowledge of successful entrepreneurs with those who always want to aspire to more. At each event, we manage to create an agenda with top names, where the experience of the participants is enriched by the talent that is present in the radical innovation community.
This is how we created and believe in hackathons: as a way to push the boundaries through knowledge sharing, experience sharing, and networking while showcasing talent.

This year we celebrated the first edition of Talent Highway, together with Mercedes-Benzand the fourth edition of Innomakers4Health, event that we have been organizing since 2019 together with Pfizer and Fundación Pfizer. and we can assure you that behind the scenes the adrenaline is felt at 100%.

talent highway

In the Talent Highway we gathered the best Data Talent in the country in our Madrid HUB with the objective of developing a software product capable of analyzing the current and future trends of the second-hand car market in 48 hours and they succeeded.


The other example is Innomakers4Health, which we developed, together with Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation, with the aim of crossing the paths of innovation and health to find technological solutions that improve the sector.

If something is clear to us from our experience doing hackathons, it is that in the end what makes these events a success are the participants. Young talents that for 48 hours give their all to excel and achieve the best possible results.


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