Innovation | September 5, 2022

Graphic Design in an innovation ecosystem

It is a very special month for TheCUBE’s team because we are celebrating our 5th Anniversary. Five years filled with innovation, joy and challenges. That’s why it’s a good moment to do a recap of our short but intense story.

Let’s start with our visual identity that you can see today in all our communication channels and that is the first impression that many people get of us.

There are some points in which innovation and design meet. The most important for us is that both disciplines start from the premise of creating something new that did not exist before and that is ahead of the time in which it is produced. Otherwise we would simply be copying something that has already been done.

TheCUBE's design

At TheCUBE our innovation carries the last name radical, and that also applies to how we relate to graphic design, both in our own image and in its presence within the services we provide to our clients.

Just with the logo, you can see that it's actually the vertices of a cube. A cube that represents the innovation ecosystem where all the thing we do, the ideas that arise and the projects that are born... happen.

The establishment of our image has been done mainly from our website, which we can take as a manifesto of what TheCUBE is and what it does. There we reflect our commitment to radical innovation and it is something that has to be visually clear from the start.

There is where psychology of design comes into play, where elements such as composition and use of colors highlight what we want to communicate. For us, that is what design is all about: communicating and generating in the audience the sensations you want them to associate with your brand. In our case, these are concepts such as innovation, technology, future, movement... We're on the same page, right?

All this in connection with the objective behind many of the contents we generate: to share knowledge. In this aspect, design is not only about elements and creativities, but also about the correct use of a good typography according to the company's style.

One that we use and you can clearly see on our logo is Suanzesburg, a custom typo created especially for us and called after the metro line Suanzes (Madrid), where our main HUB is located. No better way to have your own voice than with your own typo.

Though it is very attractive, it does not facilitate our eagerness to share knowledge, so for longer texts and to make reading as easy as possible we use other typo such as Raleway, wich combines with Suanzesburg and other elements we use.

Our image is striking because it makes it clear that this is not a company like any other.

We take great care of our image, in fact that is something that we are recognized quite a lot in job interviews. Our image is striking because it makes it clear that this is not a company like any other. Our work has cost us, all said, so we invite you to take a walk around the web to understand what we are talking about.

Our commitment to 3D design, when it was not yet as popular as it is today, shows that we are not afraid to enter complicated fields that require more work and time, if we know that it will bring us benefits. It is part of trying to travel unexplored paths.

Besides, 3D reflects something tangible, real that represents very well our idea of moving away from the "theater of innovation" and betting on real results. This is so TheCUBE.

You won't see many websites like ours, that's why we have won some Awwwards one of the highest recognitions a website can get. So indeed, we are very proud of it and we have every reason to be.

How we apply graphic design to our services

How we approach the projects we work on is the differentiation in the field of design that can be found in the services we offer. We work in an environment of radical innovation, which requires agile methodologies and customized to each client.

The main areas in which we can see these differences are:

Time: We work fast, with time margins somewhat shorter than normal. This is what innovation asks and this is what we deliver. Good thing? We have managed to generate that speed in execution while maintaining very high quality levels.

Changes: We have to be very open-minded and adapt quickly to changes that may arise in innovation projects, which is something that happens frequently. These projects evolve very speedly, so design should never be put on the back burner.

The pace of life of startups has to go hand in hand with their design as a brand identity.

The best example we can give you is the creation of a startup something we are familiar with and requires a lot of the design team we have at TheCUBE.

As a new company, these startups need the creation of a brand image: logo, colors, typographies, identity manual and a long etc.

But startups have a much faster life cycle than a traditional company. Therefore, their image has to evolve at the same rhythm as the company.

This is how the image of TheCUBE was created and in the next blog we will review the five years of history that we have behind us and all the things we have done…


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