Innovation | March 24, 2023

Always in Beta

If you're reading this, it's probably because you already know us, and if that's the case, you'll know that one of our mottos is 'Always in Beta' and we want to explain to you what it means, even though we've already reflected on it in previous blogs.

The Beta phase applies to products and software in the testing phase to detect possible improvements or errors, but...

how does this apply to an organization?

The idea is the same: it is about having the ambition to always be in a constant process of learning, improving, and experimenting. Otherwise, we could not dedicate ourselves to Radical Innovation. That is why we are always in beta, because we cannot consider anything closed, and what we did yesterday has to be challenged and improved tomorrow.

Much of what we do comes from our nonconformist attitude, which leads us to explore tirelessly to see what others cannot and find different ways of doing things in order to create what was previously nonexistent.

TheCUBE has become a place where ideas are generated, but always with the aim of bringing them to reality. Ideas are beautiful, but they come to nothing if they do not have an execution, which is the most difficult and costly part, but also the one we like the most.

Investing in radical innovation carries a risk factor, and failure is almost inevitable at certain times. However, it is not something to be feared; it is simply something that must be lived with and requires discipline to transform it into a learning experience that helps us to continue growing.

If what you are looking for is to do things that have not been done before, you have to know that it is only possible through experimentation, so there is no recipe or path to follow that guarantees success. It is about constantly blazing a trail. In our case, as our CEO, Andrés Haddad, mentioned, "we are constantly reinventing ourselves." The world changes very quickly, and we are not those who adapt to change; we are part of the group that generates those changes, for ourselves and for all who accompany us. This is also achieved by creating an antifragile mentality within companies.

At TheCUBE, we have managed to make chaos, which comes hand in hand with radical innovation, make us stronger and more creative. We adapt to challenges, and they are no longer just the ones our clients propose; we challenge ourselves every day.

This mentality is that of the team we talked about in the last blog post. They are the ones who put it into practice and make TheCUBE what it is, a place that is always in Beta phase. That is why, when incorporating new members into the team, what we value above all is not so much the titles they may have, but that they share our three basic pillars: discipline, ambition, and attitude.

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