TheCUBE | September 22, 2022

5 Radical years being TheCUBE

TheCUBE have just celebrated five years of existence. Not a big deal, right? In our last blog we talked about how the brand image was created, this time we will review our journey because… In five years we have done a lot.

In 2017, four entrepreneurial minds, who already had several successful projects behind their backs, decided to shape another idea. THE idea. Fabiola Pérez, Diego García, Carlos Picazo and Alberto Rodríguez, our president, founded TheCUBE.

TheCUBE was born after observing the difficulties of large corporations to adapt to the changes that were taking place. That is why they decided to create a space where innovation could take place and could be developed outside the day to day of these companies.

You can imagine what spot we are talking about, right?

The Founders managed to find a building that at the time was going to have more floors than employees. But, as our team is growing we are running out of space. Maybe it is time to create a new HUB?

TheCUBE is the meet point between large corporations and startups.

That is how our Madrid Hub was established, the meeting point for large corporations and startups, which also serves as the headquarters for Uber, a client that has been with us since the biginnig. We count with TheLABS, laboratories where companies such as Enel, Pelayo and Pfizer achieve their most innovative projects within their field.

We settled Innovation but for us it has a surname: Radical.

So, what does this Radical Innovation mean?

We do not achieve a simple incremental improvement, we achieve results and paths that have not been seen before and lead to exponential improvement results x10.
We achieve this with ideas whose success is based on execution and come from curious and non-conformist minds. Ideas that change people's lives, their way of thinking or make them see things from a different perspective.

At TheCUBE we like to see ourselves as chefs who create recipes, innovate with new tools and don’t follow traditional methods.

We have achieved many things in these five years to be proud of. We are the first Spanish company to reach an agreement with the Martin Trust Center, the MIT Entrepreneurship Center. Or being one of the founding members of MIDE, the Madrid Innovation Driven Ecosystem, working with many of the most powerful organizations in the world and becoming a benchmark in the industry of innovation.

These are some of the things that demonstrate our growth, but there is one thing that stands out above all: our team. A team that started with two people and now we are forty. A team with the most varied profiles possible, from artists to engineers, but who share the same vision of the world and understand that radical innovation is the way to have a better and more sustainable future. Our team is filled with people obsessed with results, that explains why we are where we are and why we are starting to develop international projects.

in these five years we have launched 15 startups thanks to our attitude, ambition and discipline.

And as TheCUBE grows, so does its hubs. We located our second HUB in Zahara de los Atunes, the point where Europe connects with Africa and the spot to disconnect to reconnect. A place for creative minds to connect, be inspired, learn and create the future. This is where we have held some of our programs such as RESET and Outliers.

The best way to show what we have achieved is by the numbers, and we have plenty of them:

In these years, we have launched 15 startups, conducted more than 120 workshops, held more than 800 events, analyzed more than 6000 projects and executed 190 successful PoC's with impact in more than 14 countries. More than 50,000 people have visited us through our offices in Madrid, so TheCUBE is present in many people's life.

We have become a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, founders, designers... For every person who is eager to innovate, create, evolve. For anyone who wants to leave their mark on the world as we are doing.

But we already told you that we are used to think big. That's why we already have goals for the next five years and they can be summarized in one word: go global.

We want more hubs around the world, we want to reach every possible corner so that there are more people who understand that a sustainable future depends on radical innovation. If we have been able to get this far in five years, it is clear that we are going to achieve this too.

To conclude this review of our history, we could try to summarize these five years in a few words, but it is very complicated. What we can do is summarize what has brought us this far: Attitude, ambition and discipline.


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