Innovation | December 28, 2022

2022: Year of consecration

It already smells like a toast to the new year, so it's time to finish our review of 2022. If the previous one was about Inspiring Spaces, now we are going with our key: Radical Innovation.

On our V Anniversary we gave the Madrid Hub a giant mural, made by Boa Mistura. But of course, it's not just a cool mural, it's a mural with ecological paint that absorbs CO2. Because the future is about being sustainable.

For the impatient, we leave you with the conclusion: We have fallen short of our forecasts for the year.

Since TheCUBE was born, we have done nothing but grow by leaps and bounds. Every year has been better than the previous one (even in pandemic), but 2022 takes the cake (or the crown). Just a fact: we started the year as 20 and now there are 40 of us.

For the less impatient, we have a lot to tell, so make yourselves comfortable and let's get started.

TheCUBERS around the world

TheCUBE was born with an adventurous spirit. If there was one thing we knew for sure, it was that we wanted to take our way of seeing (and reaching) the future to the whole world, to be international.

And we are succeeding. In 2022 we had our first international project. The important thing, this year the toast goes because we have had an impact in 14 countries.

America and TheCUBE.

This year our CEO, Andrés Haddad, was present visiting and giving talks in Mexico and our President, Alberto Rodríguez, did the same in Chile. This new year we will be able to tell more about what has come out of these visits, but it is good news.

The circuit through the Americas does not end here. Our President and CEO has continued to accumulate miles with their trip to Boston, to meet and generate projects with our colleagues at MIT.

This is just a small dose of TheCUBE's adventures. This 2023 we will see TheCUBE in other parts of the world. And this is as far as we can go... for now.

Without forgetting Spain of course. This year we were lucky enough to be present and be one of the partners at the DES (Digital Enterprise Show) in Malaga.

In all sectors and in all ways

We were not the first to say that any company that wanted to survive had to bet on innovation. But we are the ones who implement and bet on innovation everywhere, and so everywhere that we have worked in every sector you can imagine. From mobility, energy, mass consumption, construction, pharma... Innovation for everyone!

But so much innovation would not be possible without the great team we play with. Because our secret formula (ambition, attitude and discipline) won't work without our people. Here is a blog where you can get to know better the talent we have at TheCUBE: Young Talent: Taking the World by Storm.

A team that has not only found opportunities, but has generated solutions and turned them into real projects with testing and validation in the market. We have tested new ways of selling a product, discovered and applied technologies, generated dozens of ideas that we have been able to bring to reality, connected large corporations with startups... And this is a small sample of what we did.

In the end, this is what defines us. The "theater of innovation" is not for us and the idea is the beginning of the road.

This year also gave us the opportunity to launch a new startup:, the solution that allows automating auto appraisal and verification processes with AI photo analysis. We already told you about it in this blog written by its CEO, Julio Rodríguez.

Serving as inspiration

Our purpose has always been the same: to change the future. That's why we go beyond the projects we do. We seek to inspire. We want to continue to be a source of inspiration for any person or company that wants to innovate.

That's why we share all the knowledge we have and help companies to transform themselves through workshops with corporations that understand the importance of innovating to stay relevant.

Not forgetting the hackathons. This 2022 we have carried out the 4th edition of Innomakers4health with Pfizer, and the first of Talent Highway with Mercedes-Benz. Helping them to get talent and innovative solutions.

We could go on telling you everything we have done but you would not have time to eat your grapes and we want you to enter 2023 with as good a foot as we are doing.

Thank you all for the best year in our history! (We will repeat this at the end of 2023).

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